The Evolution of

How Coca-Cola 3E elevated its branding activities
and increased sales for its partnering stores

The Challenge

“Coca Cola 3E needed a specialized solution to optimize promotional activities in its reseller stores while also empowering the Coca Cola Customer Experience."

Branding methods are constantly evolving. Companies don't just seek customer's attention; their goal is to provide the best possible experience and stay top-of-mind.

In the spirit of continuous evolution, Coca-Cola 3E wanted to improve the way that its brand is presented in all reseller stores and elevate customer experience. One of the main challenges it faced was the huge diversity between reseller stores in terms of brand uniformity and aesthetics, as well as their day-to-day cooperation with Coca Cola 3E.

Also, the achievement of the same high level of standards already set by the company on a worldwide basis and the large number of resellers that had to successfully adopt this new workflow made the implementation of this project even more demanding.


Our Solution

"We delivered a tailor-made mobile b2b application, fully integrated with the company's IT systems, that offered advanced capabilities to vendors of Coca Cola 3E ”

Taking into consideration the high standards and the strong customer-oriented nature of the company, we created a tailor-made mobile application bas ed exactly in the specific needs of the company. Based on our Pocketwarp technology, the application is integrated with all the necessary IT systems and offers a flexible workflow for all sales representatives that visit partnering stores. More specifically, sales representatives are able to create offer bundles that combine other products with Coca-Cola’s on-the-fly and to provide certain promotional material according to each customer category. Also, the store owner can choose among various bundle offer templates and promotion material that fit most with his brand and aesthetics. Once reaching the final stage of the workflow, the sales representative is able to showcase how the owner’s new store look & feel, by using photorealistic features and functionality. Finally, when the agreement is finalized the sales representative enters the respective promotional material order as well as any other details needed.

The result

“The adoption of our Custom Mobile Application increased sales in partnering stores and successfully optimized promotion effectiveness.”

By deploying and using our tailor-made application, partner stores as well as Coca Cola gained a variety of benefits. Partnering stores can easily create the offer combo that fits best to their needs and increases sales. Also they can quickly choose from a variety of promotion concept templates and get an immediate taste of how their store will look like thanks to the photorealistic capabilities of the app.

Some of the most important benefits that our
Custom Mobile Application were the following:


Significant contribution to the sales growth of Coca-Cola’s partnering stores


Successful optimization of promotion workflow and activities


Increased productivity of Coca-Cola’s sales department


Lasting competition differentiation by acquiring an innovative marketing and sales asset