The digital transformation of
retail commerce

How Ianos differentiated against competition by offering
retail customers a complete consumer experience?

The Challenge

“Ianos SA wanted to develop a digital platform that will offer a variety of features to its customers in addition to the basic order functionality, so to increase their loyalty.”

Nowadays, E-commerce is gaining momentum. Users want to be active e-cosumers and enjoy privileged treatment. Their requirements are no longer limited to a functional and secure ordering environment, but they require personalized services regarding information and support. 

In the context of its digital transformation, Ianos SA wanted to upgrade its existing online store, in order to take advantage of the unlimited possibilities Softweb B2C E-Commerce solution offers. The main challenge was to idealize the consumer experience of the retail customer. In order to achieve this, it was critical to fully re-synchronize the large ERP data volume with its new E-commerce platform to improve both performance and speed. In addition, it was necessary to simplify the searching engine and to use a functional ordering model with flexibility in payment and shipping methods, in order to complete the purchase process with ease and immediacy. At the same time, a major challenge was the development of promotional tools that aim at the multifaceted information that modern reader requires as well as the provision of personalized services that will tranform him into a loyal customer of Ianos SA.


Our Solution

“We took advantage of our B2C E-commerce product solution that ofefrs a full integration with the company's ERP system for faster response. Simultaneously, we developed a loyalty program.”

After analyzing the business needs and procedures of Ianos SA, Softweb suggested the company to adopt B2C E-commerce product solution. This solution is based on the open source platform Magento II in order to offer functional flexibility and expansibility. Also, it connects with custom tools that serve the complex needs of the company. At the same time, B2C E-commerce product solution is fully integrated with the ERP system of Ianos SA, though Pocketwarp technology, resulting in the elimination of administration costs. 


"Softweb B2C E-commerce has directly contributed in cunsumer journey optimization and customer engagment, strengthening the company's potision against competition."

The use of the customizable B2C E-commerce solution lists a number of benefits for both Ianos SA and its customers, ultimately creating a positive impact on the company's growth rate. Customers are no longer limited to an average shopping navigation, but take advantage of the benefits of a modern online bookstore. They have the opportunity ti book cultural events, to participate in educational seminars and reading clubs, to be informed about news and trends in the filed of Culture and Arts, to attend live book presentations and radio show and, of course, to complete book or e-book purchases. Furthermore, customers can enjoy personilizes services in order to benefit from offers and proposals as well as privileges offered by "Ianos Club" loyalty card.