Much more than a
Mobile Ordering App

How Mevgal upgraded its b2b ordering process
and increased sales from specific customer segments

The Challenge

“Mevgal wanted to create a new way for communicating with its customers more effectively and upgrade its ordering process"

Corporate communication is ever-changing. The volume of information has significantly increased and immediate action is needed. Focused on constantly improving its customer service, Mevgal wanted to change the way it communicates with its customers and to significantly optimize its mobile ordering process.

One of the most important daily communication issues that the company was facing was the amount of time spent by the sales team in order to inform customers about new product arrivals, commercial policy modifications and seasonal promotions. Adding to this, orders made by phone included a significant amount of data entry-related errors and required on-the-fly dedicated customer support which lead to high cost inefficiencies. Last but not least, there was a notable technological maturity deviation between end-users since Megval’s customer base included many different industries, from small convenience stores and family mini-markets to large retail chains and luxury hotels.


Our Solution

"We implemented Softweb B2B M-Commerce for seamless integration with the Mevgal’s ERP and unlimited scalability."

After detailed specification capturing and realizing the mature of Mevgal’s challenge, we proposed Softweb B2B M-Commerce. Based on Pocketwarp technology, this solution is fully integrated with the company's CRM and ERP systems, enabling fast product search and beautiful presentation, fast ordering and smart re-ordering as well as complete order history display.

In order for the app to be truly user-friendly, we created a fast and useful interface with an easy and comprehensible product display. Also, we implemented smart push notifications to share real-time, helpful and interesting product and event-related updates. Finally, due to the fact that the technological maturity of our users fluctuated widely, we utilized simple SMS protocols so they could quickly and easily receive installation and registration instructions, as well as to help them gradually adopt and utilize more of our app features.


“Mevgal successfully optimized its ordering process and improved customer communication, while increasing its sales from the specific target groups and significantly reducing related management costs.”

In general, the adoption of Softweb B2B M-commerce has yielded multiple benefits for both its customers and MEVGAL SA. Customers can now explore the full range of the company’s retail and wholesale offerings, enter their order anytime from anywhere, be able to re-order and view their entire order history.

More specifically, Megval and its partners
received the following main benefits:


Significant increase in productivity increase by further optimizing the ordering process, reducing human errors and increasing the company’s sales team efficiency.


Effective usage of the app as a direct customer communication medium for company events, product marketing and seasonal offer promotion


Acquisition of a powerful branding and loyalty tool that creates strategic advantages over the competition and assists in the expansion of the company’s sales network.