The future of
wholesale commerce

How Tsigaridas empowered its entire wholesale network
and increased online b2b orders by 30%

The Challenge

“Tsigarida SA wanted to improve the overall purchasing experience of its wholesale customers and increase the speed of its b2b sales cycle”

To start with, the book market is experiencing a huge change and is becoming more demanding than ever before. Consumers want to be updated about their order status as soon and as frequently as possible. As expected, these new customer standards have now turned into urgent needs for booksellers, who respectively ask for more technologically advanced and reliable suppliers.

With this crucial need and opportunity in mind, Tsigarida SA decided to create and offer its partners a powerful b2b purchasing platform to help them manage the demanding nature of their end-consumer and give them the level of retail experience they were asking for. To achieve this, this platform needed to be really fast and be able to successfully manage large online product search and order volumes. Specifically, the key challenges were the huge volume of product SKUs (over 110.000), the complexity of commercial policy terms that applied to each customer individually for each product, and that the existing infrastructure was unable to scale further. Adding to all the above, the seasonality of the book industry was creating significant variations in order management as well as customer support. So the company’s objective was to create an online order system that can cope with all the above and help scale the business to a new level.


Our Solution

“"We implemented Softweb B2B E-commerce for seamless integration with the company's ERP and unlimited scalability.”

After analyzing all current and future needs and by taking into account the importance of this market opportunity for Tsigaridas SA, we successfully implemented Softweb B2B E-commerce. In collaboration with the executive and sales team of Tsigarida SA along with specialized business partners, we have jointly designed a b2b sales model with all the necessary features and functionality to perfectly match today’s bookseller needs. We used Pocketwarp technology, to fully integrate our wholesale commerce platform with the company's ERP system and guaranteed almost unlimited possibilities for future functionality extensions by using selected open source technologies. Most importantly, despite many uncertainties and shifting requirements Softweb B2B E-commerce was delivered successfully on time so that the company could immediately exploit its most important seasonality of the year.


"Softweb B2B E-commerce has directly contributed in the increase of our online orders by 30% and has provided our partners with useful capabilities, significantly improving their purchasing experience as well as their repetitiveness"

The use of Softweb B2B E-commerce offers multiple benefits to both its wholesale network and Tsigaridas SA. Partners can now create and manage their orders much faster and easier, access their entire order as well as transaction history and have a live view of any of the company’s product SKU inventory.

More precisely, the most important benefits
for the company and its partners are the following:


+30% increase in online orders in just 6 months


Significant decrease of customer support costs that lead to improved profit margins


Ability to massively scale its current and future online commerce business