Nowadays, many businesses offering products or services invest in their digital presence. The most modern channel for viewing and managing business activities is undoubtedly the online store (e-shop). Through this, the business is a mouse click away from its customers. Additionally, business has the ability to complete processes directly, easily and at a reduced cost.

Specifically, B2B customers seek their systematic interaction with the company. This refers to users that place a large number of orders regarding turnover at regular intervals throughout the day. Therefore, the need to digitize the activities of a modern organisation in relation to its affiliates is now imperative.

1. Brand awareness
B2B e-commerce will help you enhance your digital presence by enabling your target group to be informed about your company profile and activities. This will be achieved either by publishing your catalog pages or by using targeted marketing content. Summing up, your business will benefit from high ranking in search engines, attracting potential customers or resellers.

2. Increased sales
An effective B2B e-shop will allow your business to grow in order to meet market demand and ultimately meet the needs of its customers. In this way, the company will succeed in creating new sales channels, having the opportunity to expand its market share. Therefore, attracting new customers will lead your business to sales growth. At the same time, the appropriate B2B e-shop will allow you to implement automated, powerful cross-selling and up-selling techniques, encouraging the visitor to buy specific products/services proposed to him.

3. Lower operational costs
A powerful advantage offered by a B2B e-shop is the automation of business processes. Thus, processes become more efficient at the same time that unnecessary costs are reduced. The simplification of procedures combined with a reduction in management costs allow the company to increase its revenue and eventually lead to growth.

4. Increased efficiency & effectiveness
An online store, through its interface with back-end systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), provides excellent opportunities for any B2B organization to improve its performance. Two of the departments of an enterprise that benefit greatly from the above consolidation are:
a. Customer Service Department: Once orders are completed electronically, the department can focus on the essential functions that are relevant to it. The need to reassign data to independent systems is eliminated, thus reducing errors and improving distribution and storage processes.
b. Sales department: Remote access to customer orders (history, billing etc.) will help organize the company's physical sales team.

5. Analytics
B2B e-commerce provides your business with the appropriate platform for an integrated analytics solution. A wholesale e-shop allows the organization to evaluate number-based marketing campaigns, product mix, sales efficiency, user loyalty and engagement etc..

An effective B2B platform will definitely benefit your business. However, it also presents significant benefits to its users, i.e. your potential partners. The main advantage may be to optimize customer experience.

Client-centric experience
The modern business is looking for ways to meet the increased expectations of its partners in terms of their purchasing experience. Through a responsive B2B e-shop, the business offers its partners (customers, suppliers, dealers, distributors etc.) the following key features:

  • Improved product and service search functionality.
  • User-friendy browsing to find the needed items to order / bulk order.
  • Ease of payments (e.g. credit limit).
  • Customed customer information using BI reports (customer ledger, trade balance, order history e.t.c.).
  • Ability to evaluate products & services.
  • Marketing Hub to provide supporting and informational material.
  • Immediate customer service.