Augmented Reality

The new technology Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology used on smartphones. AR allows with the use of mobile devices to identify objects of the real world and present digital information and data for them.

There is often a confusion between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented vs Virtual Reality
Augmented AR Virtual VR
Digital content viewed in the physical world Artificial digital content, creating a sense of space

AR is used on:

  • Smartphones
  • tablets


  • One AR application is the live view of a physical environment which reality however is augmented with information or even with virtual people and places, in the physical environment. Through the camera and the GPS system of a smartphone, information is provided (texts, images, sound, video) for POIs (Points of Interest - POI) in the location the user is and aims with his camera. What actually happens is that extra digital information is added to the images we see with our eyes.
  • Another Augmented Reality application is the AR Vision: the smartphone’s camera identifies images, resulting in real-time addition of data and information related to that particular image such as videos, images, advertising, transition to a website, transition to an e-shop etc.

Picture sitting at a hotel’s bar or restaurant, and being able to point your smartphone at the menu to see other guests’ reviews and recommendations. Or scanning the firm’s logo and as a result the restaurant’s menu & the daily dishes popping up. This function is exactly what augmented reality is intended for—giving real-world objects a digital dimension.

The adoption of technologies such as AR, contributes to a strong technology company footprint, showing the image of an innovative company in the eyes of customers or potential customers.

Augmented reality will ultimately make finding information about tourist accommodations quicker and more convenient than ever before. Choosing between a hotel whose native app integrates augmented reality and one that does not could soon be a selling point for modern travelers. That is because the user’s experience is enriched by the content that is offered by the hotel. The customer has everything he needs to know about the city he is visiting in his pocket and is experiencing this experience with an extremely technologically impressive and functionally simplified application.

Tourism is an industry that can benefit greatly from the adoption of such technologies. Of course this technology finds application in many sectors of the economy.

GLOW magazine Augmented Reality Application.

SOFTWeb has developed for GLOW magazine he two native mobile applications with AR functionality in iOS & Android. Using the camera through the application we can scan a number of pages of the magazine and a hyperlink is automatically displayed, which can be everything from a transition to an e-shop, an advertising campaign, to videos etc.

Augmented Reality applications are numerous. Over the past few years, companies invest in AR functionalities for their applications on smartphones and tablets.

AR Application Examples

  • Finding goods in a store’s directory
  • E-commerce applications enrichment
  • AR ads on mobile phones based on location
  • Digital clothing models for Internet purchases
  • 3D furniture & construction models and designs for home decoration
  • Maps on mobile phones with information on museum exhibits and exhibitions
  • Medical applications
  • Applications in the construction sector
  • Identifying faults on buildings

"Mobile is everything " is the «motto» of the largest technology exhibition in the world, MWC.

SOFTWeb as an innovative and visionary IT company with web & mobile solutions, has been around for 8 years and has invested and specialized in the mobile application field. The company has developed the innovative and awarded technology PocketWarp. The company’s constant presence in technological events abroad, constantly enriches with collaborations and reflection of market trends and adoption of new technologies.

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