Consumers in Western Europe make online shopping via a mobile phone

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The future of cross-border trade seems to be strongly connected with the mobile commerce. Already today 40% of Asians are making purchases abroad via a mobile phone, a figure that rises up to 24% in North America and 19% in Western Europe.

Globally, 64% of shoppers have made a purchase via a mobile application. The convenience and accessibility of a mobile app will encourage your customers to carry out transactions with your business rather than patronize a competitor who only has an e-shop.

People spend 89% of their time using mobile apps rather than mobile websites. According to Arthur Iinuma of ISBX, “Mobile apps tend to get a more qualified and engaged audience, and therefore sales conversion rates are higher in comparison to an e-shop.”

Insights of increasing trends and maturity are also recorded in the B2C e-commerce (business to customer) market in Greece, shown by research on B2C e-Commerce by the e-Commerce Laboratory (ELTRUN) from the Athens University of Economics.

Regarding Greek online buyers, the mobile phone has surpassed the laptop for the first time, with 89% stating it as a way to access the Internet, while the desktop is in fourth place with just 60%. Also, two major reasons using the Internet are online market research & price comparison (74%) and e-banking (57%).The first two dominant positions, based on buyers’ percentage, are travel and tourism services, and P/C components and equipment climbed from fourth to third place compared with the previous year.

The bright future for mobile e-commerce is also described by the third annual trade report, published by PayPal and Ipsos. The results of the global survey, which studied the online domestic and cross-border shopping habits among more than 28,000 consumers in 32 countries, reveals the new preferences of cross-border shoppers and highlights the most important trends in the field of global e-commerce.

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According to the survey, more and more Greek traders sell abroad and expand their businesses internationally, utilizing the online channel of extroversion. The main markets that purchase goods and services from Greece through PayPal are USA, Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy. 

The study answers the question:  What it is that motivates international border e-shoppers and what are they seeking for? For Greek traders who are interested in attracting customers abroad, the key to success is the convenience of the consumer, including free shipping (46%), safe payment methods (44%), and the sale of goods that may be scarce at local markets (40%). In addition, an important factor is the consumer experience while purchasing. Purchasing via a mobile application, m-commerce, is a crucial convenience for the customer.

Cross-border e-consumers around the world are also interested in finding attractive offers. 76% of cross-border e-shopper respondents ranked best prices as a reason for making purchases on websites from the top three destinations. Access to items not available in their country was also classified at a high rate (65%), as an incentive for purchases worldwide.


The survey also notes that the most popular categories for cross-border markets internationally are: clothing, footwear and accessories (46% of cross-border buyers from all countries have made a purchase abroad in this category during the last 12 months. Next come electronics (29%), travel services (25%), digital entertainment and educational goods (24%), as well as toys and hobbies (23%).

Time Periods

Traditionally, the winter holiday season is one of the most active consumer periods. A new study shows that this period becomes also particularly important for online shopping and consumers make relevant purchases, not only locally, but also on online stores abroad. For example, research has shown that Christmas is the specific time period in which 38% of cross-border shoppers surveyed from around the world, stated that they purchase from other countries' websites more than usual.

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