Why your business needs a B2C mobile application

In a world that has grown increasingly dependent on mobile technology, companies should consider having a customized mobile application. In 2014, 60% of online traffic came from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. By 2016, that figure had reached 65%.


1. The application users can receive notifications on the screen of their mobile devices regarding the content they are interested in (push notifications).

For example an online store has a mobile application. The user can receive notifications on his mobile whenever discounts begin, when new products are added and when a product that interests him appears in stock again. Apart from the fact that there are no costs for push notifications, we also know with certainty which users where informed, unlike other means of communication, about the offer we wanted to communicate.

70% of consumers consider push notifications to be very important, and lists them in the reasons why he prefers mobile applications!

Also, when a consumer receives personalized notifications for products or services that he is interested in, he is more positively inclined to make a purchase.

Therefore, an enterprise with a mobile application can, through notifications, contact new customers, but also see existing customers repeat their purchases.

2. Mobile applications are made to optimize the user’s experience.

Suppose a company has a website or an online store that displays its products and services. A mobile phone user would have to visit the website,

1) open the browser on the mobile device,

2) enter the website’s URL,

3) wait for it to load and ultimately

4) search to find what he wants.

Via a mobile application, the steps (1) to (3) are no longer necessary, and with one click the user enters the application and finds what he is looking for. In short, with a mobile application, the consumer comes close to the business much more quickly and does not abandon the shopping cart due to the limited information he would have via the browser. 

In addition,  an application also exploits the capabilities of mobile devices, for example the fact that  the application can be used without the use of data (stored in the phone memory), knowing the user’s position, knowing  when and if the customer-user went to our competitor and much more that we could not know for our consumers without an application.

3. Provide quality to your customers and stand out from the competition: Loyalty

Digitize the reward program you have on hand. Rather than adhering to the outdated credits collection card, make it possible for your customers to collect their rewards through your application. Result? More downloads and more repeat customers.

Moreover you exploit the capabilities of a mobile device, e.g a GPS. If you know that the user of your digital store is located at a predetermined radius from the physical store, then you can send a personalized offer to stimulate sales of the physical store. Reward programs are strengthened by adding an application just because the users have the device constantly with them, meaning they are constantly accessible, even without data, because it is possible for the company to redirect the information to the user by sms if he doesn’t receive data.


Creating a mobile application is a way for the company to remain closer to its customers and always be just a click away. The company has a permanently open communication channel with the customer unlike the website, where the user will choose when to enter.

An application for smart mobile devices can be a very powerful communication channel for the enterprise with the customer, generate sales through it, reward regular customers, assist sales of the physical store,  provide an overall much more pleasant experience for the consumers.

If used properly, the possibilities given by the development of an application, ultimately help to increase sales and customer satisfaction. In that way, the company will attract new customers but also the existing customers will consume more regularly.

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