Why your business needs a B2E mobile application

Why your business needs a B2E mobile application
While mobile application development is rising, work habits are changing along with the new technology. Enterprise mobility will help shape businesses’ future success.


The phrase ‘enterprise mobility’ was mentioned a lot in 2016 and had a huge impact on businesses across the globe. A shift in our work habits and changing business needs has led many organisations to restructure and integrate mobile working into their strategies. But what’s next for enterprise mobility?

Back in June 2015, the Gartner technology industry analysts predicted that the demand for enterprise mobility will outstrip available development capacity by five to one and become an essential IT requirement for most businesses by the end of 2017. A big prediction, but as the advantages are huge, a completely achievable one.

In addition to helping boost revenue, improve productivity, cut costs and stay ahead of competition, enterprise mobility makes it easier for employees to work remotely. Giving them access to corporate information and functions on the go is key for organisations with a large distributed workforce.

And the nature of apps means they can be custom built to support specific goals. Whether it’s to track your delivery drivers, interconnect with various back-end systems (ERP, CRM etc.), communicate the latest business news or streamline processes, it’s no surprise numerous organisations have already made mobile a priority.

Throughout 2016, businesses in the professional services, energy and utilities, manufacturing and construction, technology and healthcare sectors were all big adopters of the technology. They implemented a mix of both task-specific and employee-engagement apps.

The quality and intuitiveness of enterprise apps grew significantly in 2016, and companies will need to remain at the forefront of enterprise mobility to meet employee expectations.

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