Softweb invests in the HORECA market through The Butler App




Softweb® strengthened its position in the Greek market   as a leading Web and Mobile business software development company by investing in The Butler App.

As a strategic partner of The Butler app, Softweb® provides targeted technological solutions in order to accelerate its penetration into HORECA market. Softweb®  , along with other product solutions that already provides, aims to contribute in the digital tranformation of several businesses of this market.

The Butler App is a new and promising start-up company that provides a digital platform for companies in the HORECA market. "The Butler App" mobile application, developed by Softweb®, allows its users to order online when they are physically present in the store, eliminating the need for waiters.

Mr. Dimitrakopoulos Charalambos, CEO of Softweb®, said: "This investment will enable us to strengthen and further develop our technological solutions and services in order to penetrate more in a market that our company has strategic interest for."