Interview of the founders of Softweb at




Ms. Maria Mathiopoulou from had a meeting with Softweb's co-founders, Mr. Charalambos Dimitrakopoulos (CEO) and Mr. Alexandros Asimakopoulos (CTO). Ms. Mathiopoulou tried to reveal the secrets regarding the development of a modern I.T. company through the profile of the two founding members and their strategic decisions. Mr. Charalambos Dimitrakopoulos studied Computer Science in Greece and completed his studies in England, where he received his Masters in Finance. On the other hand, Mr. Alexandros Asimakopoulos focused on Computer Science field for both his undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Mr. Charalampopoulos business orientation and the technological perception of Mr. Asimakopoulos led to the establishment of a state-of-the-art technology company at the age of 23.

Softweb was founded in 2008 at Thessaloniki. Initially, the company focused on web development. Soon, Softweb entered the mobile application development sector. The new services were established in 2012 with the launch of "Pocketwarp" technology, an online system for the integration of multiple back-end systems (ERP, CRM, e.t.c.). Today, the company has two offices in Athens and Thessaloniki and employs 30 people aged 30 years on average. It has presence through affiliates abroad, with 30% of its revenues coming from countries such as Switzerland, England, the Netherlands and others. Due to the positive growth and the establishment of Softweb as a leader in the I.T. services sector, the company's founders are exploring the possibility of penetrating the Cypriot market with a physical presence.

Softweb is constantly enhancing its services through its presence as an exhibitor at major international events such as Cebit, MWC and Web Summit. It was recently announced the National Winner of the European Business Awards in the category of "Digital Technology". After observing that business needs have been growning steadily in the past years, Softweb's R&D department has developed Web and Mobile B2B products. These modernized technological tools aim to simplify internal processes and increase the sales cycle of businesses with low administration costs. Large and demanding organizations, seeking to increase their wholesale market share, over competitors, have adopted Softweb's B2B product solutions. In conclusion, Softweb will launch in the coming months three new technology products, which will act as business data collectors and help organizations build relationships with existing and potential customers.