Thessaloniki, 25 January 2024

Softweb, announces its penetration in the Digital Marketing and Consulting market, through its subsidiary Digihart.

The specific investment aims at the formation of a speaking group that has the necessary know-how and solutions to contribute to the digital evolution of businesses.

Digihart is an Agency specialized in Digital Strategy, Marketing and Consulting through a Business logic. The company is staffed by experienced and qualified personnel and has the appropriate infrastructure to be able to shield the digital course of businesses.

Businesses that partner with Digihart will have access to the latest technologies and practices in B2B, B2C & B2E Digital Marketing and Consulting, which will allow them to increase their productivity, competitiveness, reach a wider audience and achieve their business goals.

Mr. Dimitrakopoulos Charalampos, CEO of Softweb, said: “The recommendation of Digihart is an extremely important move for Softweb. The option of creating an independent subsidiary by forming a new Business Unit within Softweb, to provide services Digital Strategy, Marketing and Consulting, is of strategic importance. The rationale behind this decision is for the two companies to focus on the respective markets in which they operate, without one entrapping the other in terms of business objectives. This will help them to operate seamlessly and form a leading position in their field so that together the Softweb Group will be able to offer a package of solutions that will include a wide range of high-quality services and software tailored to the needs of Greek businesses for their digital operation.”

Continuation of the strong growth path also in 2023