We are seeking for a full-time account manager for our sales team in Athens.

The successful candidate will join the Direct Sales Department promoting Web and Mobile enterprise solutions to medium and large accounts.
The position involves building a strong pipeline, direct client sales and a chance to grow with a progressive, innovative company.

Key Responsibilities

The position is entry level and the main responsibilities are:

  • Lead Generation / Cold calls
  • Build a strong pipeline
  • Proposal preparation
  • Sales meetings

Required Qualifications

  • University degree in Science, Engineering or in a business-related field (Marketing, Sales, Management, Business Administration). Postgraduate degree is considered a plus.
  • Computer literate
  • Well organized and pleasant personality
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both Greek and English
  • Male candidates should have their military obligations fulfilled

What we offer

A unique career opportunity with a competitive remuneration package and continuous training.

Send us your resume at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submitted resumes will be treated in strict confidence.



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Mobile apps that are compatible with iOS & Android software, so that everyone can be connected regardless of what device they own.

Easy product search, quick ordering process as well as practical re-ordering templates that are fully optimized for mobile devices and remote workflows.

Mobile notifications regarding order status and purchasing history, as well as live updating of new product arrivals and limited offers.

Dynamic and automated system updating of product information, inventory, pricing and other commercial policies via reliable ERP and CRM integrations.

Smart deployment of Pocketwarp technology for increased scalability capabilities, to ensure maximum utilization of your investment and security of your assets.

Provide competitive advantages to your customer & partner network by offering them powerful mobile tools to increase the efficiency of your entire sales, marketing and operation mechanisms.

Offer a fast, easy and reliable experience for your partners, while using contemporary design practices to help increase user adoption as well as improve their communication with your company.

Create more opportunities for revenue growth, by using new ordering channels, clever reminders and better product engagement, to optimize your product promotion and customer conversions.

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