Mr. Charalambos Dimitrakopoulos, CEO of Softweb, spoke to Fortune Greece on the occasion of his presence in this year’s 40UNDER40 list about the need for Digital Transformation and how his company speaks the same language with both startups and established businesses.

| What is Softweb’s vision and what has been its journey to date?

” We took advantage of the fact that the big companies in the industry would be under pressure due to the impending crisis so it would create growth opportunities for the then startups like Softweb. We are committed to revolutionizing the way businesses operate and helping them stay ahead of the competition. ”

| Which markets are you active in and in which sectors?

“We are a company that first listens to the needs of the market and then, through research and development, creates the right products to meet them. We are fortunate to work with organisations across Europe and beyond. ”

| What are your core services?

” At Softweb, we offer a wide range of product solutions that cover a large number of everyday needs of businesses and organisations. One of the standout solutions is the Softweb Business Suite, an integrated business solution that leverages the most advanced technologies and takes an omni-channel approach.”

| What are the benefits of your solutions to organizations and businesses?

” We are part of their journey as a technology partner and catalyst for their digital transformation. In terms of startups, we have been involved since their inception, taking on development projects for numerous startups, including some highly successful ones. For existing businesses, we offer extensive experience in digital transformation. ”

| What makes you different from the competition?

” What makes Softweb stand out among the rest of the companies in the industry is our unwavering commitment to understanding our customers’ needs. Especially at the technological level, we strive to ensure our leadership in the market by creating innovative solutions that the competition has no answer to. ”

| In your opinion, what is the level of digital readiness of Greek businesses?

” The new situation has forced them to accelerate these investments, but unfortunately in many cases without a clear direction and objective. At Softweb, maintaining the profile of a technology consultant, we formulate a strategic plan with each client with specific steps. ”

| The Greek market consists mainly of SMEs. How feasible is their digital transformation and how do you contribute to it?

” We aim to make digital transformation accessible to all, enabling SMEs to compete both domestically and globally. ”

| Artificial Intelligence is well and truly part of everyday business life. How well have you adapted to the new situation?

” Through our innovative approach, we have equipped companies with AI-based tools to boost productivity, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our solutions is not just an adaptation; it is a strategic imperative. ”

| What does your presence in this year’s Fortune Greece 40UNDER40 list mean for you personally and for your company?

“On a personal level, it is a moment of pride and gratitude. For the company, this recognition is more than a distinction; it is a confirmation of our commitment to developing digital solutions that meet companies’ needs and keep them in tune with technological trends. After all, we are still under 40! We still have a long way to go…”

| What are your next business steps?

” We are focused on strengthening our financials, remaining firm in our estimate of annual revenue growth of at least 30%. By embracing developments, remaining adaptive, and cultivating a customer-centric approach, Softweb envisions a future where we continue to be an industry leader, enabling organizations to thrive in the digital age. ”

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